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Speaking Tooth to Power: J.D. Power Releases Dental Plan Satisfaction Report

By Clive Riddle, February 15, 2019 

J.D. Power has released their annual Dental Plan Satisfaction Report for 2018, which finds that “overall dental plan customer satisfaction has improved by 5 points (on a 1,000-point scale) to 775 from 2017.”  

J.D. Power reports that “DentaQuest (805) ranks highest, performing particularly well in the customer service, communication, and cost factors. HumanaDental (784) ranks second and myCignaDental (782) ranks third.” 

And just who is DentaQuest, who has now been ranked first for the third year in a row? They tout that they “manage dental and vision benefits for more than 27 million Americans and provide direct care to patients through our network of more than 85 oral health centers in five states,” and that they provide “dental solutions for Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare Advantage, small and large businesses and individuals throughout the U.S.” 

Steve Pollock, president and chief executive officer of DentaQuest.  Pollock says the company’s continued investment in technology and person-centered care solutions as reasons for the high customer satisfaction. “While it is incredibly gratifying to see the high satisfaction among our members, we know that true success means ensuring everyone has access to quality oral health care,” Pollock said. “Our Preventistry™ platform, which is a prevention-based approach that defines oral health as more than visits to the dentist, will ultimately improve oral health for all.”

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