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Practicing in an Age of Uncertainty

By Kim Bellard, May 27, 2016

If you've ever had a hard time trying to decide what's best for your health, perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that physicians often aren't so sure either. 

Or perhaps not.

A new study in Annals of Surgery, and nicely reported on by Julia Belluz inVox, focused on surgical uncertainty. The researchers.............Click to continue

How are health plans meeting behavioral health needs of members?

By Claire Thayer, May 23, 2016

There’s been a lot of awareness about mental health lately, especially during the month of May – officially recognized as Mental Health Month, via Mental Health America .  In the spirit of this awareness, AHIP recently released a new 28-page issue brief on behavioral health benefits and mental health coverage from collective case studies of 11 member health plans. This new issue brief.............Click to continue

Patients Happy With PCPs But Not Always Following Their Advice Due to Costs

By Clive Riddle, May 19, 2016

The Physicians Foundation has just released a 74-page report with results from their Physicians Foundation Patient Survey conducted by Harris Poll. The report findings state that “95 percent of patients surveyed are satisfied or very satisfied with their PCP’s ability to explain information in a manner they understand, while 96 percent feel their physicians.............Click to continue

Walgreens raising awareness on mental health with online screening tools and telehealth services

By Claire Thayer, May 10, 2016

Walgreens and Mental Health America have forged an ambitious initiative to screen 3 million people for mental issue, by the end of 2017. Walgreens is well positioned to step up to expand mental health services and treatment options and has announced.............Click to continue

Hot Healthcare M&A Market Starting to Cool

By Clive Riddle, May 6, 2016

Irving Levin Associates reports that healthcare merger & acquisition activity, which has been relatively overheated, is starting to cool a little. Lisa E. Phillips, editor of Irving Levin’s Health Care M&A News tells us “the slowdown in deal volume in the first quarter of 2016 might simply be.............Click to continue

Getting on the Blockchain Bandwagon

By Kim Bellard, April 28, 2016

Face it: health care IT infrastructure is a mess.  After spending tens of billions of dollars to "incent" providers to move to EHRs, they're using them but are not very happy with them. We now have millions of electronic records that are still way too siloed, and all too often incomplete.

Enter blockchain.............Click to continue

Cyber attacks – a new reality for health care organizations

By Claire Thayer, April 20, 2016

The healthcare industry as a whole is at a critical juncture in its efforts to curb medical identity theft, data breaches and health care fraud. More than any other industry, health care is now leading the way for the highest number of records breached - 84.4 million alone in the first half of 2015. Hospitals, health plans, health systems and provider organizations are all doubling down on efforts to address.............Click to continue

Health Systems Advised to Tread Carefully When Considering Provider-led Health Plans

By Claire Thayer, April 18, 2016

McKinsey & Co released an in-depth paper that explores both growth and evolution of provider-led health plans and offers key questions health systems should think about when evaluating their current plans or considering offering stepping into to provider-led plan market space.............Click to continue

Ten Things to Know About The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) model

By Clive Riddle, April 15, 2016

1.  CPC+ is a CMS five-year initiative starting in January 2017 to create a national advanced primary care medical home model that aims to strengthen primary care through a regionally-based multi-payer payment reform and care delivery transformation.............Click to continue

52% of healthcare IT leaders evaluating cloud-based solutions for population health management

By Claire Thayer, April 12, 2016

A recent HIMSS Media survey of healthcare IT leaders identifies five key challenges in using connected health IT applications to support population health management.............Click to continue

Identity Crisis: The Need for Improved Healthcare Identity Management

by Clive Riddle, April 8, 2016

This week, Kathy Bardeen from LexisNexis spoke in a HealthcareWebSummit webinar on Mastering Identity Management in Healthcare.  The issue with that inaccurate and missing demographic information and inadequate authentication systems and processes threaten business integrity and success, financial outcomes, and member engagement. On top of that, there is the looming.............Click to continue

The Biosimilar Opportunity

By Clive Riddle, April 1, 2016

Biosimilars hold considerable future opportunity for helping address rapidly rising prescription costs. They also hold considerable opportunity for pharmaceutical companies seeking to offer them, as well as challenges for pharmaceutical holders of brand drugs that they would impact.............Click to continue

Aligning Wellness Program Incentives to Increase Use of Digital Health Apps

By Claire Thayer, March 29, 2016

A recent HealthMine survey of 500 insured consumers finds that half of those surveyed are enrolled in a wellness program and one-third received their health device/app as a benefit of their wellness program.  Of those now using digital health tools, most were.............Click to continue

Medication Adherence and Out of Pocket Costs

By Clive Riddle, March 25, 2016

While out of pocket costs impact consumer demand and utilization for healthcare services in various degrees for all aspects of care, the relationship is perhaps the most direct for prescriptions. This direct relationship is due to both the relatively lower average cost per prescription compared to the per unit cost of most other health care services, along with.............Click to continue

Under the Influence

By Kim Bellard, March 18, 2016

new analysis by ProPublica found that doctors who receive money from drug companies do, in fact, tend to prescribe more brand name drugs, and that the more money they got, the more brand name prescribing they did.

ProPublica looked at prescribing patterns.............Click to continue

Telemedicine and Virtual Visits preferred by close to one-third of consumers

By Claire Thayer, March 17, 2016

Telehealth, quite simply refers to the use of electronic technology to deliver health care and health information between patients and their providers. Use of mobile devices and smartphones for vitual visits and remote patient monitoring alone goes a long ways in terms of enhancing patient engagement. The American Telemedicine Association reports that up to.............Click to continue

HIMSS: Only 3% of Providers Believe Their Organization is Highly-Prepared for Transition to Value-Based Payment Model

By Claire Thayer, March 14, 2016

The clock is ticking! There’s a lot of incentive for hospitals and physicians to transition to value-based care.  With the onset of the Affordable Care Act, HHS has set a goal of tying 30% of traditional, or fee-for-service, Medicare payments to quality or value through alternative payment models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) or bundled payment arrangements by the end of 2016.............Click to continue

Retail Clinics: Trying to Reconcile Cost Per Visit, Utilization, Access and Convenience

By Clive Riddle, March 10, 2016

The March issue of Health Affairs features a paper presenting study findings on retail clinic:  Retail Clinic Visits For Low-Acuity Conditions Increase Utilization And Spending. The title would seem to say it all regarding their findings. The study involved retail clinic use by 3 million Aetna members, from 2010 to 2012 for 11 low-acuity conditions.............Click to continue

Truven Examines Scope and Drivers in Bundled Commercial Spend for Lower Joint Replacement

By Clive Riddle, March 4, 2016

Truven Health Analytics has just released a twelve page research brief:  Bundled Pricing for Total Joint Replacements in the Commercially Insured Population: Cost Variation Insights by Bundled Care Components, which follows up on their recently released eight page brief on this same topic: Geographic Variation and Cost-Driver Insights.............Click to continue

Use of Predictive Analytics in Health Care

By Claire Thayer, March 3, 2016

Healthcare payers and providers are increasingly looking for innovative strategies to leverage big data and use of predictive analytics across the organization to manage population health risks, identify claims trends, improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, etc.  Management of all the data and integration of the systems built up over time is complex at best.............Click to continue



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