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Analysis of Managed Care Organization CEO Turnover Rates

By Clive Riddle, February 6, 2015

MCOL has just conducted an analysis of managed care organization CEO turnover during the past ten years, and found the turnover rates to be surprisingly high, given the importance of management stability and continuity for most organizations. One-fourth of managed care organization CEOs turned over during the past year,  one-third turned over during the past two years, one-half turned over during the past three years, two-thirds during the past five years and only one in seven remain from ten years ago.

That doesn’t mean that all turnover is attributed to firings or resignations.  More than half of the organizations analyzed are part of chain or system in which upward mobility within the organization is often the cause.

The analysis is based upon data from MCOL’s HealthQuest Publishers National Managed Care Leadership Directory, which lists health plans, provider networks, administrative organizations, PBMs, and specialty benefit organizations involved with managed care. The 2015 Directory was recently released. HealthQuest Publishershas released the annual directory since 1994. MCOL acquired HealthQuest Publishers in 2000.

Managed Care Organization CEO Turnover Percentage Compared to 2015 Incumbent

While 926 organizations are listed in the 2015 directory, only organizations also listed in applicable prior years were included in the analysis. Organizations are added or dropped in the directory over time based upon mergers & acquisitions, closures, consolidations and expansions.

The turnover rate percentage for each year, compared to the 2015 incumbent, for the MCOs that were also listed in each applicable year are indicated below. The number of applicable MCOs that are still listed in 2015 of course drops over time due to the factors listed above.


CEO Turnover

Applicable MCOs



















While the cause of turnover was not measured in the analysis, and upward mobility or other transfers within the same organization is undoubtedly a significant factor, disruption at the CEO level presents significant challenges for managed care organizations during this disruptive era of healthcare reform, regardless of the reasons for the change.

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