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Infographic: Chronic Care is a Team Sport

By Cyndy Nayer, June 13, 2013

Chronic care is a long-term management strategy, and it requires a focus on outcomes, especially in reimbursement for the team of providers that manage the complex conditions. Diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol get a lot of attention, but there are more, such as depression, cancer, arthritis. While the ACA will attempt to manage the escalation of premiums, it requires a team effort to manage chronic care. Lifestyle, treatment adherence, and regular primary care visits are a must. Value-based designs will work to get better engagement from the beneficiaries, but the plan sponsors, especially the employers, must pay close attention through regular data reporting, coordinated care, and communication across all of the team members, including the patient and his/her family. Chronic care is a team effort, and to be a member of the winning team, coaches and players must be headed for the same goals!

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