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HealthShareTV Videos on Reducing Readmissions

By Claire Thayer, June 10, 2013

Finding ways to reduce and curb hospital readmissions is an important component of reducing overall health care costs. In a video posted on HealthShareTV, Dr. Shari Welch presents a tutorial on Emergency Department Readmissions and discusses how the ER department can help hospitals reduce readmission rates. Watch this 30 minute video here: The HealthShareTV site has several videos posted related to readmissions, here are just a few:

Hundreds of videos are posted on HealthShareTV:  Topics are range from Accountable care, employers, health plans, reform, insurance exchanges, mobile health, predictive modeling, etc. Use the video finder to quickly drill down to category of interest.

For more information about the Readmissions Reduction Program:

If you are interested in monthly business intelligence and news on this topic, I think you’ll find Readmissions News of interest:

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