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Health Plan Coverage of H1N1 Virus Administration Varies

by Clive Riddle, September 17, 2009

Earlier this week, the FDA announced approval of four vaccines against the H1N1 virus. As we await the expected spread of the H1N1 virus this fall, health plans around the country are announcing their policy regarding coverage. Of course, the H1N1 vaccine itself is being covered by the government, once it becomes available. So the coverage issue is with respect to payment to providers for their administration of the shot.

Is it a no-brainer that health plans will provide coverage for administration of the H1N1 virus? It is as long as their specific plan of benefits cover immunizations. But typically, health plans offer a wide menu of benefit plans, including some that do not provide immunization coverage.

However, some health plans have announced they will take the extra step to provide administration coverage for all their members, even those whose benefit plans do not offer immunization coverage. Such health plans are taking the public health policy approach that by removing barriers to the vaccine, they are doing their part to reduce the potential spread of the virus, which should provide the indirect benefit of reduced overall incidence and corresponding cost of treatment for their member population as well.

A survey of recent health plan coverage announcements indicates health plans uniformly will cover H1N1 administration costs for member benefit plans that cover immunizations, but are split on providing H1N1 administration coverage when their benefit plans do not cover vaccines.

Those who will provide administration coverage to all members include:

  • Likewise, Independence Blue Cross in Pennsylvania issued a release that they will provide coverage of H1N1 vaccine administration including for members whose benefit plans exclude immunization coverage

Those who will limit administration coverage to members with vaccine coverage benefits include:


  • WellPoint some time ago announced they will provide H1N1 vaccine administration coverage only for members with benefit plans covering vaccines.
  • Aetna sent notices to providers that they will provide H1N1 vaccine administration coverage only for members with benefit plans covering vaccines.


The AAFP news yesterday published a story providing details on how physicians should code and bill major health plans and Medicare  for H1N1 administration fees. Interestingly, there is not a standard approach for coding by the health plans. The administration fee cannot exceed the regional Medicare vaccine administration fee.

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