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Lindsay Resnick on More Effective Medicare Marketing

by Clive Riddle, August 13, 2009

Lindsay Resnick, a fellow member of the MCOLBlog team this week provided an exclusive 34 minute podcast for MCOL on Reducing Medicare Marketing Costs ... While Boosting Enrollment which includes a companion follow-along presentation. I encourage you to check it out if Medicare Advantage is of interest to you.

Here’s some selected takeaways from his discussion:

· Medicare Advantage payments to plans will reduce to equal to Medicare FFS payments by 2014, and payments to plans in 2009 were cut by an average of 4.5%

· For 2010, member premium increases will range from $25 to $80, and on the chopping block for plans will be value-added benefits and zero premium products

· Regulatory scrutiny over the marketing and sale of Medicare products will intensify

· It takes 3 to 7 prospect touches—through a combination of media—to get a qualified Medicare lead

· 56% of Internet users who are age 64-72 make online purchases; 45% of all seniors age 70-75 are Internet users

· Post-sale for Medicare members:  4+ touches/year can yield over 90% retention

· Agent distribution- a key strategy in enhancing enrollment while reducing marketing costs, requires significant commitment in credentialing and monitoring agents

· Agent Credentialing: Gather demographic information about your agents and use it to verify their credentials. A credentialing program needs to include: –Agent portal for establishment of e-file for agents; –Verification of licensure; =–Check state regulatory actions; –Verify and store E&O; –Background checks; –Link documents to agent file on an ongoing basis; –Manage agents slow to submit required documentation; –Agent contracting

· Agent Monitoring: A Monitoring Program should be developed that can: -Accumulate agent data; -Track allegations by agent; -Manage disciplinary actions; -Audit-friendly print views; -Track investigations; -Offer Remedial training information; Provide Licensure confirmation. Agent oversight should address and incorporate: Complaints (Allegations); Credentialing; Training; Certification; State DOI Notifications of Terminated Representatives; Accurate & Timely Commission Payments; and Targeted Sales Audits.

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