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Your Healthcare Lexicon for 2015 from A to Z

by Clive Riddle, January 9, 2015

Accountable Care Arrangements in Medicare, Commercial and Medicaid flavors

Big Data in healthcare parsed with Analytics

Collaboration between providers and purchasers

Deductibles loom large with continually increased consumer cost sharing

Engagement by purchasers with consumers and with providers

Federally Facilitated Marketplaces may or may not be able to provide future subsidies (see “K” & “S”)

Generic Drug prices are on the rise

Health Insurance Exchanges (Marketplaces) both public and private

Innovation Officers abound in health systems trying to transform how they do business

June is when we should find out what SCOTUS has to say about the next item (see “K”)

King vs. Burwell looms large on the Supreme Court docket

Long Term Care continues to be largely ignored while boomers age away

mHealth technology advances on all fronts

Narrow Networks are being deployed in Exchanges and elsewhere

Obamacare somehow remains the politically charged umbrella term for all things Affordable Care Act

Population Health Management has been embraced in the mainstream of plans and health systems

Quality Measures are being transformed with advances in analytics and reporting capabilities

Republican control of Congress ensures continued chipping away at the Affordable Care Act

Subsidies for public exchange enrollment are threatened (see “F”, “K” and “R”)

Tax Filings now require healthcare coverage information,

Uninsured are the topic of conversations of health plan marketing departments and political pundits

Value Based Purchasing is being sought by almost every purchaser

Wellness Programs for employers are being significantly scrutinized for effectiveness

X-Prizes in healthcare are on the rise with Innovation initiatives (see “I”)

Young Invincibles reluctant to signup for healthcare coverage (see “U”)

Zebras – may be easier to find in healthcare with advances in Big Data and analytics (see “B”)

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January 26, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAnn

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