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Brand Direct Marketing: Value Driven Action Lifts Topline

Brand Direct Marketing: Value Driven Action Lifts Topline

Branding and direct response have long been cornerstones of successful marketing campaigns.  On their own, each contributes an important piece of the marketing puzzle. Brand establishes position, generates awareness and builds preference for a company. Direct response is actionable. It gives people a reason to connect with your business and moves them into the sales cycle.

The wall between branding and direct response is coming down. It has to! The pace of marketplace change—technological advances, generational diversity and product commodization—demands an integrated, efficient approach that drives topline results. Effective marketing means opening up a dialogue with consumers and carefully tracking the conversation. Companies large and small are doing it and, they are seeing sales increase and their brand equity enhanced.

Brand direct is a way of combining the emotion evoked from brand advertising with the workhorse tools of direct response. A balanced approach means consistent communications that encourage interaction from prospects and promises a more meaningful customer experience. Here, direct response marketing tactics (data-driven segmentation and in-market learning supported by a strong call-to-action) take advantage of general advertising tactics. Using this model you get marketing for all media that is measurable and tied to specific sales goals—it’s where strategic thinking and persuasive creativity come together.

For brand direct marketing to achieve the best blend of branding and direct response, consider these three guiding principles:

All communications impact brand, so make sure your communications have brand impact. In other words, don’t think of brand or image campaigns as being separate and distinct from direct response. Awareness is only the first step. Every campaign should be designed to build your brand while eliciting a specific response from your target audience. The key is to educate prospective customers while pre-selling your product or service. Then, show them how to navigate the purchasing process to start a long-term relationship with your company.

Customers and prospects are always telling you something about themselves…listen. New tools and technologies are giving marketers access to an unprecedented amount of data about consumers. Turn this data into intelligence that helps you understand how and why your customers buy. Discover who are your biggest promoters…and most pesky detractors. Listening enables you to refine and replicate the purchasing process for prospective customers. By effectively profiling and segmenting your target audience you can deliver the right message at exactly the right time and in the right place.

Be ready for the next big opportunity. Today’s marketing environment is dynamic and fast-paced. It means your business is constantly evolving due to the constant flow of useful information—sales statistics, click streams, response analysis, competitive intelligence and more. You can use this knowledge to maximize your marketing performance, tweak messaging, adjust creative approaches and evaluate new media outlets. This allows for better opportunity analysis, plus newfound agility when it comes to:

  •  Achieving product–price–promotion differentiation.
  •  Addressing competitors head-on in sales situations.
  •  Articulating customer preferences and perceptions.

Smart marketing can no longer depend on traditional silos. Brand direct marketing effectively leverages the value of your brand with proven direct response tactics. It enables a company to call for immediate action, initiate a customer relationship and then maintain an ongoing, one-on-one dialogue creating loyal followers. And, brand direct produces powerful, measurable results. 

Lindsay Resnick, Chief Marketing Officer, Finelight,


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