Clive Riddle's Welcome

Greetings from BlogLand:

MCOL has launched the MCOLBlog, and I'm excited to be a part of it. Actually, we've been blogging to our MCOL paid members for years, but this inaugurates our public blog for all those in the universe wishing to take part in our discussion.

I will be commenting and reporting on a wide variety of topics regarding the business of health care. By way of background, I've been running MCOL, the B2B publisher of managed care and health care business information and resources for the past twelve years. Before that, I ran a regional health plan for over a decade.

In particular, I'll be addressing issues including consumer driven care, transparency, health care reform, strategies addressing plan design and costs, convenient care, international health care issues, Medicare and Medicaid managed care, and much more.

I look forward to your comments.


Lindsay Resnick's Welcome

As Chief Marketing Officer of Finelight, I lead business development and strategic advisory services. In this role, I make it a point to stay currenton health care trends and innovative approaches to marketing to insure our clients success in the competitive landscape.

I am excited to be a contributor to the MCOL Blog. With 25 years of professional experience in the health care and insurance industries, I will be discussing such topics as consumer directed health plans, product branding, Medicare, direct-to-consumer selling and how to achieve a dominant position in segmented markets such as young invincibles, boomers and seniors.

There is much to talk about. I encourage you to participate in the comments section as we work together to tackle these issues.

Thank you,
Lindsay Resnick


Laurie Gelb's Welcome

Welcome to the MCOL Blog. As a survey/outcomes researcher/strategist who's been on the hospital, payor, manufacturer and consultant sides of the table, I'm looking forward to some lively conversation on decision support, my particular passion. Anyone who delivers, funds, receives or regulates care these days faces an unprecedented burden of choice. How do we minimize this burden while optimizing health? Please bring your experience and insight to our discussion.


William Demarco's Welcome


As a contributor to the MCOLBlog, I’ll be sharing our perspectives on issues surrounding healthcare delivery system redesign and transformation, with particular respect to provider owned enterprises. Among other things, I’ll be discussing provider and employer prospective payment approaches in addressing Pay for Performance models, for purposes of developing direct employer/provider contracting entities, benchmarking collaboratives under the new value purchasing initiatives, as well as single specialty centers of excellence.

Of course, there’s lots more under the sun to talk about, and I do hope to hear from you as we continue down this path.

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