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Changing the conversation from wellness to total wellbeing

By Claire Thayer, November 10, 2016

This week, Robin Bouvier from Aon’s Health Transformation Team, spoke in a HealthcareWebSummit webinar, co-sponsored by WebMD Health Services, on More than Meets the ROI: The Value of Investing in a Healthy Workforce.   Today’s forward thinking companies are moving towards a culture of health and changing the conversation about employee wellness from a ‘benefit’ to instead looking at health as a business imperative that’s integrated across all aspects of the organization.

Robin shares some perspective on general health of the workforce and somewhat surprisingly, the younger generations are not necessarily healthier:


Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

Generation X (1965 -1978)

Millennials (1979-1996)

Tobacco Use

















Robin tells us that wellness is evolving to an all encompassing, total wellbeing approach: “Wellbeing means having the appropriate resources, opportunities and commitment needed to achieve optimal function, health and performance for the individual and the organization.” Total wellbeing interconnects:

  • Emotional – attitudes and everyday living

  • Physical – energy to complete daily living tasks

  • Financial – confidently manage everyday and future finances

  • Social – connections to others

Robin cited recent study findings of the impact of total wellbeing:

  • 81% less like to seek out new employer in next year

  • 41% less work missed because of poor health

  • 69% of consumers say wellbeing programs health them get or stay healthy

  • 22% more profitable as organizations

  • 10% higher customer ratings

  • ½ point higher performance rating by supervisor

From the new Aon Hewitt 2016 Financial Mindset Study, Robin identifies employee needs by financial stage as:

  • Security: 30%

  • Foundation: 25%

  • Growth: 36%

  • Freedom: 9%

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