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Provider Collaboration – Bundled Payments Top Survey Results for Impact on Medicaid Transformation

by Clive Riddle, December 11, 2015

MCOL has just released results from its second annual Medicaid Transformation e-poll of stakeholders interested in Medicaid transformation. Last year, when respondents were asked to a rank of topics for their impact on Medicaid Transformation, with 1 being the top rank, Provider Collaboration/Engagement and Risk Sharing virtually tied with State Medicaid Funding and ACA participation for the top spot (based on weighted average rank). This year, there was some separation between the two, with Provider Collaboration taking the top spot. Breaking down these results by category of respondents, providers definitively gave collaboration the top ranking, while purchasers and vendors/others results were more mixed.

When asked which type of provider collaboration would have the most impact, last year’s results were mixed, but this year bundled payments and other new payment models emerged as the clear top choice. Interestingly, perceived Medicaid ACO impact reduced this year from last, with providers seeing ACOs having less impact than purchasers or vendors/others.

Below are table of the results broken out by respondent category, along with 2015 and 2014 totals:

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