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Portrait of a LinkedIn User

By Claire Thayer, May 12, 2014

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced that it reached 300 million registered users, with almost two-thirds of these members located outside the United States. So, just what does the typical LinkedIn user look like? Power+Formula has a nice infographic on user demographics in their new Portrait of a LinkedIn User 2014 Edition.  A complete copy of the infographic is shown below, and highlights include:

  • 81% are using the Free LinkedIn version
  • 43% spend 0-2 hours a week on LinkedIn
  • 42% use LinkedIN to build new relationships with potential customers
  • 41% use LinkedIn to increase marketing presence
  • 60% use the LinkedIn Company page feature to share status updates with company followers
  • 36% Rank LinkedIn as “Extremely” important in efforts to develop or grow business


The full infographic is available here:

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