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Ten things to know about 2013 Health Savings Account Data

By Clive Riddle, August 9, 2013

Devenir has just released their 2013 HSA Research report. The survey data was collected in July 2013 and primarily consisted of the top 50 HSA providers in the health savings account market, with all data being collected for the June 30th, 2013 period.  The six page executive summary provides some great, concise data, which includes these ten takeaways:

  1. The total number of HSA accounts rose to more than 9.1 million with assets totaling nearly $18.1 billion.
  2. This represents a year over year increase of 29% for both accounts and assets for the period of June 30th, 2012 to June 30th, 2013.
  3. The average account balance halfway through 2013 grew to $1,981 from $1,879 at the end 2012, over a 5% increase.
  4. When you eliminate identified zero balance accounts that average rises to $2,228, an almost 3% year over year increase.
  5. Current average account balances by the year the account was opened range from $5,117 for accounts opened in 2005 to $1,192 for accounts opened in 2012 (and $775 for accounts opened this year to date).
  6. Total contributions to HSA accounts from June 2012 to June 2013 are estimated to have reached $16.7 billion, with accountholders retaining about 23% of those contributions.
  7. Debit cards represent 74% of all withdrawal transactions, with an average of 5.1 annual debit card withdrawals per account for an average $124.48 per transaction.
  8. Currently 14% of HSA assets are comprised of investments .
  9. HSA investment assets reached an estimated $2 billion in June, up 14% from the end of 2012 and 26% year over year. The average investment account holder has a $10,484 average total balance (deposit and investment account).
  10. Devenir projects that year-end 2013 assets will total $20 billion, and 2015 HSA assets will reach $29.3 B, comprised of $4.2B in investments, and $25.2B in deposits.

I only wish our family’s HSA account balance was followed by a capital “B” as well.

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