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Emails at the heart of cross-channel marketing to engage customers

By Claire Thayer, May 30, 2013

Targeted emails are highly effective in terms of end-user engagement, be it consumers or professionals.   According to, in 2013, mobile devices are projected to become the most common tools for accessing the Internet.  In addition, cloud packaged data and analytics are expected to accelerate in 2013 with mobile access to these sources of information.

Email remains an important and powerful means of communication, and according to Experian UK, sits squarely at “the heart of cross-channel marketing.” In April 2013, Experian UK cited research by digital agency Steel, “more than a third of consumers read marketing emails on their mobile, which rises to 55% among 18-34 year olds; a high proportion of many marketers’ target audience. It could be argued that the added functionality that comes with mobile – location based services, the always on mentality, the more obvious call to action – makes for a better, more targeted email experience than that of the desk top. But then what mobile makes up for in engagement, it can lack in delivering true creativity. Both certainly have their benefits. The challenge for email marketers is to ensure that their campaigns render correctly on whichever device the consumer uses to open their email. Whichever way you look at it, email is not dead.”

Check out Digital Trends 2013: Email back in the Spotlight In 2013: as well as the MobileGovBlog at

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