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Turning webinars into valuable content

By Claire Thayer, October 14, 2013

A previous blog post discussed ways to engage your audience with content marketing. A few ideas include: videos, infographics, white papers, survey results, articles, case studies, and webinars as tactics to educate current and prospective customers about your business solutions.  One of the webinar platforms we use here at MCOL for our HealthcareWeb Summit events is ReadyTalk. Bo Bandy, PR and Marketing Communications Manager at ReadyTalk posted a recent blog item on benefits of using webinars to generate content and identified 19 pieces of content that can be generated from each webinar in her blog post 1 Webinar = 19 Pieces of Content

Here’s a screenshot of some of the assets related to a webinar that can easily be repurposed into individual pieces of content.  Read Bo’s entire blog here for a look at the 19 recommendations.

webinars for content marketing: 19 pieces of content from one webinarEvery webinar has components that must be created but can than later be re-purposed. Those include:

  • Abstract
  • Emails
  • Registration page
  • Slide Deck
  • Polls
  • Chat
  • Q&A
  • Twitter stream
  • Archive page
  • Recording
  • Emails
  • Transcription

So, if you are one of the 59% of marketers who do to continue

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