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The Health Insurance Exchange Directory 2013

By Claire Thayer, January 24, 2013

Looking for contact information the new public and private health insurance exchanges? HealthQuest Publishers, from MCOL, just released a brand new 120+ page directory and database with contact information on health insurance exchanges throughout the country. This new Health Insurance Exchange Directory provides comprehensive contact information for all state-based public exchanges and public partnership exchanges as of January 2013 as well as a number of private exchanges.

Watch a one minute video about the Health Insurance Exchange Directory:

The Health Insurance Exchange Directory includes a contact database and encompasses:

  • Organizational Directory of 50 selected HIXs.  Contact and summary information along with a listing of 350 key individuals with leadership or operational involvement. Almost half of employees in the directory have email address listed.
  • Executive Profiles providing contact and biographical information for 75 executives and thought leaders involved with Health Insurance Exchanges representing a wide range of organizations including exchanges, health plans, consulting groups, associations and others.
  • Indexes for convenient navigation and reference organized six different ways
  • Contact Database with all the information from the Organizational Directory and the Executive Profiles in an Excel spreadsheet. It includes tabs for Organizational Directory organizations, employees and Executive Profile employees.

Learn more at:

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