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What’s Happening at MCOL – May 2012 edition of MCOL Monthly

By Claire Thayer, May 1, 2012

The May 2012 edition of MCOL Monthly is now available for MCOL paid members.  MCOL Monthly is an e-magazine in Adobe Acrobat format with easy to print and read MCOL authored articles and features from the past month's e-newsletters and web site. The table of contents for the May edition of MCOL Monthly is provided below for a quick peek at this months’ edition:

      Trends... CBO Medicare Expenditure and Enrollment Projections, 2011-2020

      Data-Map...Estimated Total Annual Rebate for Exceeding Minimum MLR

      Thought-Leaders...Decline in patient utilization metrics since onset of recession

      Tips.... In getting the most out of your MCOL membership

      Blog...Guest Blog from Sander Domaszewicz on Decline in Utilization Metrics

      Blog...The Price Is (Not) Right

      Blog...DME: A Modest Proposal

      Blog...Preparing for the End of the Healthcare Bubble

      Blog...A Different Way to Fix Medicare

      Blog...Changing Economics in an Era of Healthcare Reform

      Tidbits...Medicare Annual Trustees Report: Some Data Snapshots

      Tidbits...Healthcare Social Media is Too Tiny says PwC

      Tidbits...Employers and Behavioral Health Management

      Tidbits...Prescriptions Drugs in 2011

      Factoids...Selected Factoids

      HealthSprocket...Selected Lists



Learn more about MCOL memberships at:

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