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What’s Happening at MCOL – Predictive Analytics, MSSP & Star Webinar 

By Claire Thayer, April 3, 2012

On Thursday this week…we’re hosting a webinar event that explores how the Medicare Shared Savings Program and the Medicare Advantage Part C “Star” rating program relate to one another. During the session, we’ll look at what types of Medicare members are less likely to be compliant under these programs and therefore require more targeted communication or intervention. 

Did you see the Zombie lists on healthsprocket?  On April 1st, several selections were added:

  • Impact of Zombie Apocalypse or Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act
  • Proposed Outsourced Regulatory Oversight of Key Healthcare Components
  • Meaningful Use Requirements in 4,000 BC
  • Provider Time-Travel Provisions to Negotiate in Value Based Purchasing
  • Top Five Dental Coverage Concerns for Vampires
  • Out of Network Coverage Issues for Extra-Terrestrials
  • Strategies to Minimize Zombie Coverage under Health Plan
  • Secret Individual Broccoli Mandate Provisions Included in Affordable Care Act
  • Read all the selections at:

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