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William Demarco's Welcome


As a contributor to the MCOLBlog, I’ll be sharing our perspectives on issues surrounding healthcare delivery system redesign and transformation, with particular respect to provider owned enterprises. Among other things, I’ll be discussing provider and employer prospective payment approaches in addressing Pay for Performance models, for purposes of developing direct employer/provider contracting entities, benchmarking collaboratives under the new value purchasing initiatives, as well as single specialty centers of excellence.

Of course, there’s lots more under the sun to talk about, and I do hope to hear from you as we continue down this path.

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I own a home health agency in SoFla, and I'm trying to work out a model for negotiating capitation contracts with HMO's. Currently, it seems the market goes for a unified dollar amount for an array of services. I am basically trying to find a unified breakeven cost for my services. Any help/guidance on the subject??
Thank you

December 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAlex Roman

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